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headtracking and VR with smartphone


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I haven't tried myself, but you can use Trinus VR (trinusvr.com) to do headtracking in Prepar3D (and other flight sims). Or you can go full VR by using Google cardboard or other headmount and streaming video right to the phone.


I saw this video a while ago, looks neat :)

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Have you tried it yet to get it to work for you? if so can you share?! :) I get it to work partially with the use of Trinus VR combined with FaceTrackNoIR running with it! my logitech camera keeps losing the face track so it really sucks right now. I know it still needs a lot of tweaking. But i have been told that it TrinusVR doesnt need FaceTrackNoIR to simulate head tracking.
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