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FSX Freezees and Poossible Reasons


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Maybe someone can shed some light here. I haven't had any trouble latly with FSX freezing up but today it did and it gave me a window say that the security had blocked the aisuite 3 ( my NVIDIA monitor I think) and I think that is what might have locked the program up anyway, to make the story longer, yesterday I noticed that the Security Center WSCSV had been disabled and I turned it back on. I added the aisuite to added excepted programs as well and disabled the Security Center again. Is this OK to leave it disabled and could it have been a reason for the freeze up?

Mike G.

Intel Core i7-4770K, ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO Motherboard, , 8GB Memory , EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 6GB Video Card,Corsair Enthusiast 750W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply,Windows 7 64bit, Corsair Hydro Series H55 CPU Cooler

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Well, since I am in no way a techie...all I can say is that I have followed guys on this site like PVarn, Mr Zippy and KingNorris and what they have said....I just flew the PMDG 777 which is a FPS tragedy according to many...and I departed Bogota enroute Brasilia.....flying at different speeds like normal, and 4x and 2x a lot.....I have covered over 1400 miles without a freeze or any problem...and I have bought Steam and P3D and they are great...but...these guys have provided great advice and I have followed it and I think that is why My mentioned flight works so well with FPS in the 20s to 40s...... I had to save the flight with about 300 miles to go as it is close to my bedtime...LOL....thanks to guys on this site as I believe what they tell me....al v again,,,, FSX ain't so bad if you treat it right....al v
































































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