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fsx how to request ILS landing on a particular runway


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hi guys, as the title says.. how do i request an ILS landing on a runway. When I opened ATC menu and clicked "request full stop landing" i get no clearance to land....


I want to request ILS landing in such a way that I say "xxx tower, b777, x miles southwest, inbound for ILS approach, runway 2L"


I hope you guys get me...

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It depends on how realistic you want to be. With "real" weather, you cannot request a specific runway -- you must accept the runway that ATC assigns you, based on the current wind direction.


If you really want a specific runway, you'll have to use custom weather, to make sure that the wind is blowing to provide a headwind for the runway you want. That should assure that the runway you want is the one in use, and therefore the one that ATC will assign.


And, as said above, you must be flying with an IFR flight plan. You cannot simply appear over an airport and request and ILS landing -- you must have filed a flight plan. Of course, you can use your ILS instruments even if you're not flying IFR. You just won't get ATC's cooperation.

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