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Hey Guys,


Unfortunately, I've become quite limited in both time and space in the last few weeks, meaning a yoke+pedals+quads setup just isn't viable for me anymore. Right now, I have a CH Eclipse Yoke (MSRP ~$200), 2 Saitek Quadrants (MSRP ~$120), and a Wheel Stand Pro v.Saitek (MSRP ~$200) that I need to sell. All 4 items are fairly new, purchased in December of 2014 and January of 2015. All 4 items are in "like-new" condition with no scratches, dents, stains, etc... The only "defect" within the 4 items is in the first Saitek quadrant, whose center lever detent is flaky and doesn't always register. That being said, a blast of compressed air should be able to fix it (I'll post an update once I find my compressed air canister...), or at least get it a bit more consistent. All included manuals excluding DVDs and stickers are included, along with all the nuts, bolts, and screws that came with the wheel stand. The original packaging (ie boxes) for the yoke and quadrants are also available, although the egg cartons inside were thrown away. The extras for the Saitek quadrants (extra lever heads, mounting options, etc...) are included. The only modification I've made to any of the items is a temporary mod to the wheel stand (easily removable). Using a piece of wood, washers, and screws, I attached the piece of wood to the wheel stand and clamped the CH yoke to the wood. Works perfectly and doesn't permanently affect anything. Asking price is $400, shipping to be determined by PM - if interested, please feel free to shoot me a PM or email at exondux@gmail.com.


Photos - http://s288.photobuc...onYL/slideshow/


Note - Rudder Pedals in photos not for sale (need them for a future joystick wink.png )




Note - About 2000 minutes of use on all items.

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