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Advice please. Is it viable to do this

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So, Am I dreaming.?

I am looking for some advice from those who have gone to the “dark side” :) I.e. MS2020,!

For years I have flown FSX in a most satisfying way. I have a top end joystick, trackir and my screen comes from a projector. With this combination, the Virtual cockpits are almost exactly that.

Although it all runs on Windows XP, the whole setup is great. I fly offline.

I fly IFR airliners a lot, and recently a lot more VFR in the glass cockpit planes, and those flight are really satisfying, especially as it took me a while to sus out the Garmin 1000 screens.

But, of course, I keep seeing the wonderful scenery of MS 2020 in the YouTube videos, and it looks absolutely brilliant. However, I am also aware of the criticism aimed at this latest flight sim, (but I remember FSX being so attacked when it first came out)

I’m aware that my computer won’t run MS 2020. Even if I got one that did, my peripherals won’t work with it etc. What I have is too precious to mess with, but then I saw these headset VR things on YouTube, and I believe there is a possibility, and it is that I would like your comments on, particularly if you have experience of my “dreamed up “ setup

Without touching my present setup, is it possible….

To buy a gaming laptop which will run MS 2020 properly….not just about, but properly.

There is one with these specs( and maybe better)


Operating System: Windows 11 Home

Processor: Intel Core i7-12700H

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 16GB GDDR6X

Memory: 32GB DDR5 (2 x 16GB)

Storage: 2TB M.2 Solid State Drive

With this laptop I would use VR set such as HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset or similar, and a HOTAS or yoke /throttle.

Unless there is something I haven’t realised, that should be it and I could use it in different places (in the home ?)if necessary .

Actually, in the loft I have an original Saitek X52 HOTAS. Seems people are still using them in modern systems!


Sorry it’s a bit long, but what do you think,please?

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Earlier this year I went through similar issues. I was so impressed with MSFS (having flown VFR in FSX for many years) scenery that I upgraded my computer to a hot shot MSI gaming machine with very similar specs to the one you mention. Absolute majic!!

I added a 28" monitor which makes it even better.

My ol' Sidewinder FFB works 100% but I did "invest" in a Yoke and rudder pedals.

Never tried VR so can't comment.

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RE-VR, it is wonderful!!! Takes some tweaking to get it "the way you want it" but it is a game changer!!
Windows 10 Pro, 32 gigs DDR4 RAM, Nvidia GForce RTX 3070, Intel I7 10700 running at 3.8, with Noctua NH-L9x65, Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler-HP Reverb G2 for Virtual Reality
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Once I bought my new gaming pc (specs in sig), I did the $1 trial thing and was instantly hooked. I don’t have a major setup, but it’s enough.


Recreating my RW flights and seeing almost the exact same things I saw in the game as I did in real life blows my mind every time!

CLX - SET Gaming Desktop - Intel Core i9 10850K - 32GB DDR4 3000GHz Memory - GeForce RTX 3060 Ti - 960GB SSD + 4TB HDD - Windows 11 Home
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Posted (edited)

Been sleeping on this ������ and I’m now seeing a couple of problems.

In my present set up I have a second screen, a monitor, on which I use FS Game commander -very useful for accessing airport info and ILS frequencies etc ( but it isn’t vital ): but what is necessary to keep is the ATC menu . I use this to respond to ATC by clicking on the answers with my mouse. In VFR flying I use the mouse with the ATC menu constantly to select airports etc




Having this ATC men on the monitor keeps my VC on the projector screen free of such” pop ups” which if they were on the PJ screen would take away the “realism” of being in the cockpit ( trackir is wonderful for that) and activating the switches etc with the mouse in the manner a real,pilot would do with his hands.


And I cannot see how a VR unit would allow me to do that? How do you users get around that,….or do you not?

So it’s beginning to look like I’ve got to figure out how to fit a second computer in to still use the pJ and trackir with it……..without burning my bridges and doing away with my present setup. To which I may wish to return if 2020 doesn’t come up to scratch.

(I’m sure it will scenerywise, it’s just there has been adverse comment re the piloting aspects!


Logistically, it might be a nightmare. Or even not worth it.


Decisions, decisions ������

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I actually do not use ATC at all. I prefer to just fly :) not all do it this way, but for me, it is what works.
Windows 10 Pro, 32 gigs DDR4 RAM, Nvidia GForce RTX 3070, Intel I7 10700 running at 3.8, with Noctua NH-L9x65, Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler-HP Reverb G2 for Virtual Reality
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Hello David, well, yes, each to their own, as they say.

I try to fly as “real” as I’m able, and so I use “real” navigation , especially glass cockpits in VFR.

That requires particular dialogue with ATC….and of course, so does IFR when I fly airliners.

Very satisfying when you get it right:)

I think I’ll try to find a flight sim club in Dorset , UK and pick their brains. Nothing like seeing things done to get the best intell.

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This thread interests me because I am retiring in a couple of years and plan to hit the road for months at a time in a motorhome. A laptop and VR would be awesome just for the space saving alone.
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