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To get ai to work you need to have the feature enabled in the Settings, also you need the traffic bgl files that pertain to your ai aircraft installed in an active directory.

Without the custom traffic bgl files the only ai you will have is the default traffic.

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You will need to install the relevant dedicated traffic files to get them 'flying' again...these files would have been included with the ai model...


Traffic files are basically scenery files - they normally have file names that start Traffic and will have a .bgl extension..eg Traffic_.bgl...


If you had AI traffic before the re-install you must have had these files installed somewhere...a default install of FS2004 will include a default AI traffic file that uses default aircraft and if you go the location indicated below you should see at least one traffic file - this will be the default FS2004 file...


The most common place where most users store them (and often referred to as the default location) is FS2004|Scenery\World\Scenery...however some individuals do store them outside of this location...basically, as they are scenery files they could be stored in ANY scenery folder that is active in FS2004..you will need to figure out where you stored them in your previous install and if you have any backups of that folder OR the copies of the original AI files...


If not, then you will need download all of the stuff again...




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I have done a complete re install of it but all of my ai traffic is still in my aircraft folder how do I get my ai traffic to work again.


Is the timetable (for lack of the right word now) file (a BGL file) in an active scenery folder? This BGL/s file/s accompanies the aircraft model files. The BGL file/s makes the aircraft takeoff and land at certain times...

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