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Sky Dolly Formation Flight

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I just found out about a tool called Sky Dolly. I was looking for a flight recorder but this is way better! It allows for formation flight with yourself. You get a flight going in MSFS and then record it in Sky Dolly. After the flight finishes you can start a new flight with a different aircraft and fly with the previous one, or two!!


This is the most fun I have had with flight sim ever. I got the reno air race for formation flight but it was an arcade and my connection is too laggy. With Sky Dolly there is no lag and you can get in tight and low. I am still working on tight formation in thick cloud but have made a couple of vids with L39 and H135. Both flight of 3 in loose formations.


You have unlimited options for picking a still shot or selecting video camera settings. This should be built in to MSFS in my opinion.


L39 over NZTG.png


Aspen X 2.png

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More than just a recorder or formation flight capability, you can also set up your own locations to TO and land from. And set up your own inflight start locations.


Back country strip taken from Google earth map coordinates near Aspen. Took a couple of tries to get the procedure down but I can now take off from this spot any time.


Aspen Lakes.png


Make sure you are clear of trees though as I had to move start position slightly to keep from crashing on start up.

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