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Spybot Issue VS Windows 10 Defender


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Seasons Greetings To All!


Just this week, I noted Windows Defender is not working on the Mrs PC. We have identical PCs although there are subtle differences due to upgrades, etc. Both are Windows 10 and the PCs are almost 7 years old. Within the last few months we installed Spybot 9.2 on both PCs after becoming disenchanted with another malware program. My PC has been doing fine so figured both were OK. Now learned Windows Defender has been "Inoperative" on hers. This is a Defender matter discussed on the web and Spybot addressed it as well. It is not a Spybot problem but one in which Defender turns off when it recognizes other similar programs installed? In previous years, We have run Spybot joined with Microsoft Anti-Virus on PCs for some time and never had any issues we were aware of. So, Spybot was uninstalled and reinstalled on hers. Directions to uncheck and stop the items in Spybot's "System Services" were followed. See Pic. We tried installing Spybot on another unrelated Win 10 Machine and the same thing occurs with Defender being inoperative. It has always been my impression Spybot (Free ED) was only a Malware; PUPS program. Are they now Incompatible? Baffled!





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