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Lenovo tablet to TV or monitor question

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Hello All

I use my ALBA 10inch tablet to check on the flight characteristics of various aircraft that I fly.

I also use it to watch downloaded TV documentaries were I cast it to an external monitor. This I do during the cruise phase of the flight.

My question is this I am thinking getting a newer tablet, but it must also be able to cast (preferably via cable)to the same monitor.

The tablet is the Lenovo m10 plus 10inch model.

Does anyone here use this particular tablet and can it be connected to an external monitor?

I have tried various sights including Argos(UK retailer)for information but can't get a clear answer.

There are masses of questions concerning all the tablets Argos supplies, but nobody seems ask about there connectivity to TV or monitors.

My current tablet although very cheap (in fact may now be discontinued)is about the only one that has a mini HDMI connector ,so no problem coupling it to my 24inch monitor.

I don't want to fork out good money on this newer Lenovo model only to find it can't connect to my 24inch monitor or TV.

Probably not your usual Flightsim question. But a tablet does play an important role in my flightsimming.


Thanks a lot and merry Yule to all.


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Remember, the operating system for that Lenovo is going to be Android and thus Google and thus would more than likely have Google cast. If you're already using Google cast then there should be no issue once so ever. Here's a video with the M8.


Absent of that, there are HDMI WiFi transmitters, though might be kinda niche and expensive. Those used Miracast. A WiFi Alliance protocol. https://www.amazon.com/miracast/s?k=miracast


YMMV Don't trust reviews. One website I like to use to get a grade on review quality is Fakespot. But it's now a browser ad-on. Knowing full well add-ons can do all kinds of shenanigans I installed it in a stand alone portable version of Firefox. https://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable


There are other review grading websites, but I have yet to check them out. Again, reviews can't be trusted. Trustpilot, you name it, they're all crap.



Extra credit:


Wanna get rid of Android and go full on privacy 1337 nerd?








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In the United States there is a store called Wonder bread. LOL! (I should by a few hundred shares due to our economy)...

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OOM errors? Read this.

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An awesome weather website with oodles of Info. and options.

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Thanks CRJ for replying to my post.

The tablet I have at the moment is of the cheap and cheerful variety. ( ALBA) what it has that other tablets (In my price range) don't seem too is the ability to connect to my monitor is via its mini HDMI to standard size HDMI connector .

I want in any new tablet that I may buy is this ability to connect via a cable. I am not sure about things like mirror cast etc (my internet is not bad but I think I may get lag problems etc using it)

I do believe that some tablets use mini usb c for charging purposes and also that same connector for displaying to a monitor (films documentaries etc ) but just to confuse things some tablets have mini usb c that DOESNT have this function only the charging facility.

You may be wondering why if I have a tablet that performs all these functions then why do i need a new one? well its time. My tablet is getting on, takes a goodly time to start and needs charging constantly (In fact I keep it connected permanently to its charger these days)

The tablet has two flightsim functions. One is that it contains many flight sim guides to different flightsim aircraft by Werner Schott which I still dip into from time to time and the other is its ability to connect via its mini to standard HDMI connector to a spare monitor so I can watch a BBC I Player documentary previously downloaded and ready for the cruise phase of my flight .

The Lenovo that I mentioned in my original post in is in my price range has decent reviews (pinch of salt required I know :) but I simply cant find any review that mentions its connectivity options.

That is it and thanks for you reply to my query.


Cheers Andy

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