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Virtual Norwegian - 300,000 flights!


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Virtual Norwegian has been around for many years. In October 2009, it was decided to rebuild Virtual Norwegian. We started completely from scratch with a new and fresh staff team. With time, we added more and more features, including our version of "CrewBriefing", which has been a huge success for Virtual Norwegian. As of today, CrewBriefing has been replaced by Lufthansa LiDo CB by Norwegian, and of course we have followed in their steps and created our very own version of LiDo.

vNorwegian has also integrated SimBrief into our systems, and with only a few clicks you can generate your flights through our website.



Now, after a couple of years with less activity due to C-19, the activity has finally begun to rise again, which has really increased number of flights quite fast lately.

With that, we have finally passed 300,000 flights. That means our virtual pilots have submitted around 23,000 flights every year!



Soon we are about to launch a new website which should be even easier to use, with even better options for SimBrief dispatching and much more!



If you are interested in joining Virtual Norwegian, we are always looking for more pilots. Visit us at virtualnorwegian.net today!


What is it that makes Virtual Norwegian so great?

- Custom flight logger/ACARS: Virtual Norwegian Pilot Client (VNPC)

- Schedules directly from the real counterpart

- Routes to more than 100 destinations throughout Europe

- Up to date fleet, including historic fleet and wet leased aircraft when applicable

- Active on both the VATSIM and IVAO networks

- Simple and easy to use website, including our LiDo crewbriefing based on the real briefing system Norwegian uses.

- Friendly and helpful community

- SimBrief integration

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