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Hi DC-3 Pilots of All Sims.......RCS has opened--- RCS DC-3 World Adventure Flights--- for all Sims and all Pilots who like to Fly the Old DC-3.

We will publish every week a Flight Route for pilots to complete, Report and send photos of the Flights. We fly MSFS new DC3 but also those found in FSX, X-Plane and P3D.

Pilots start as "First Officers"(Co-pilots) and after some flights take a test and become Captains.

The Routes will be all over the world in good, bad and awfull conditions, over valleys, rivers , deep jungles and over major cities.

To fly the DC-3 in its Great Days you will---- set your mind in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.:)


Audio and Video will be able to be downloaded as well as New Scenery for the Routes.--A Forum is in the Making


RCS DC-3 Flights Is Not A Virtual Airline !!!..We are Individual DC-3 Flights for your enjoyment.


Check us out Here AND Join Today and become a "Starter Pilot" https://dc3world.jigsy.com/


We would like to thank our first two Test Pilots for their colaboration these last two weeks

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