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Been trying to find a textures addon


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Greetings! Came back to FSX after almost a decade, and I've been trying to find a somewhat old textures addon, it was a software that used to work in a similar fashion to FS Water Configurator, it let you choose between different themes for the sky, ground and taxiway textures, and even (if I remember correctly) you could replace sounds with it, like rain or thunders, it was quite useful (or at least I really liked using it) and easy to use


Already done several searches and I'm unable to find it, can't remember the name or more, only those few details, probably isn't even available anymore around, hope you can help me find it again, or instead, give suggestions for good textures addons that I could use, my PC is not that good and I'm not searching for a heavy graphics mods and that kind of things


Goodbye! ;)

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I seem to remember something like that, but for FS2004.



Here's what I found.




FSX - FSX Utilities FSX Flight Simulator Water Configurator

[ Download | View ]

Name: fswc_315.zip

Size: 3,486,473 Date: 07-08-2008 Downloads: 3,872



FSX Flight Simulator Water Configurator. This shader control utility will allow you to change the FSX water shader tone and reflections in real time without rebooting the simulator. The utility comes with predefined profiles for FSX and Acceleration Missions along with favorite profiles of the development team. The utility allows a user to modify or create their own personal variation of water light/tone/reflection settings and save them for use or to share. This freeware utility has a 'soon to come', currently under development, restricted use freeware SDK for all developers to refer to in creating their own freeware weather connection plug-in for real time changes to FSX water rendering response. From Ashton Lawson, Paul Wheeler and Nick Needham.




==For FS2004 ==





FS2004 (ACOF) - Misc. FS2004 Environment Indigo

[ Download | View ]

Name: eis9o815.zip

Size: 32,101,051 Date: 05-27-2008 Downloads: 8,867



FS2004 Environment Indigo v1.5 final. Environment Indigo is an environment package that upgrades your simulator to a tremendously convincing elevation. Enjoy fascinating sunrises, enchanting sunsets, mesmerizing waters and astonishing skies that will hold your interest forever. The natural world has been fine-tuned since its evolution to display colors realistically, and is color matched from true-life photos. Release is named Indigo from to the way it simulates hues like earth naturally. Package changes sky, water, helo pad marks, taxiways, various runways, sun, moon, corona, lens flare, reflections, spotlight, lightning, halo texture, various cloud, detail and environment textures. Surroundings are geared to exhibit light, colors, pollution, and reflections as in real life with accuracy. Package is adjusted for quality and performance. By Brian Neitzel. (Previous version had 1487 downloads.)

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