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Best Basic Scenery Addon?


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Hi: Just got P3d and was wondering what the best basic scenery add-on would be to start with? I am think of something along the lines of an Ultimate Terrain type scenery enhancement that would really spiff up the coastlines, lakes, roads, etc...Thanks for any advice...



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UT is good, though their mapping changes have caused a less desirable appearance to some of the areas where roads change from two to four lane (or back, or other changes), but otherwise it's a great product, and works well with P3D.


While I don't have them, FTX (ORBX) has some global stuff that does roads, lakes, etc. and another, companion product to do other scenery parts, all over the world, not just U.S., Canada or Europe.


Personally, though, I love the ORBX regions (PNW and other adjacent areas up through southern Alaska), and have all of them for North America. But they do little for anywhere else.


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From what you ask - I'd give a big thumbs up to the UTX (Ultimate Terrain) products. I also have FTX Vector and find that UTX not only looks better, it has less impact on VAS.


For textures, current major player is ORBX products but GEX will be to market shortly with their world texture product.


Personally, in FSX, I always preferred GEX - will wait to see their P3D product but expect it to be same quality work.



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And let me put in a plug for the stock scenery. If you can push your settings high enough it can be quite good especially if at high speed ;). I was flying around crater lake, OR the other day, I just had to pause and admire the scenery.


Those GEX screen shots look really nice though. Good to know they are working on a P3D version, that will be very tempting.

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I agree 100% about how well FTX improves the areas it covers. However, two issues limit it for many if not most.


1. That's some serious money per area. I can only afford to buy areas I use a lot or where I have real knowledge of the scenery. I'd surely buy more were the cost per area not so high!


2. Since we're talking P3D here, a lot of the FTX stuff isn't compatible with P3D. Make sure it works with P3D before you spend!

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