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XPlane 12 is out of Beta / released.


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Hi everyone.

What does it take to run it in 4K?

In the systems I tested, I7 4.9 GTX1070, and another with GTX 1080 at 4.7, it it will not get above 15 FPS during the time right before Sunset. The clear visibility is like looking out of a gold fish bowl, radius around 3-4 SM regardless of the time of day or settings. Anything beyond that is a muddy mess.

Settings I tested in: Mode 4K, Text Qual-High, SSAO-None, FSR-Off, AA-FXAA, AF-4x, Cloud-Low, Shadow-Acft Only, rest OFF, Render Dist-High, Objects-Low,. Veget-Minimal, Parked Acft-Only, No Clouds, Vis-40.

From everything I see right now that is not a practical sim. There are some people that I know that want to ask for the money back. They accepted the fact that beta may not be useful, but now that it is released they feel that it is very little hope that it will ever be useful.

I think the lighting is the main issue but they seem to be insisting on it.

Anyone else have a better experience?

Please include system specs , settings...

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