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Performance Issues

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What is so wrong with getting 50 FPS?


Absolutely nothing, unless you have an FPS-obsession! The current performance of MSFS, after SU11, is so good that I hardly even think about FPS any more. Many simmers run it locked at 30 FPS and have ultra-smooth performance. The whole topic of FPS may be gradually fading away, two years into MSFS.

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If you are getting a solid 50 FPS? Please rejoice and enjoy a sim experience most will never see on their rigs.

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I agree with the others that 50 isn't bad at all.


But just for fun, enable developer options then also enable the FPS counter. Just below the big FPS display, it should say something like "GPU limited" or "Mainthread limited" (normally either of those). Give us a screenshot of that.


Also tell us the following:

- What aircraft you're flying and where you're flying. A cessna 172 over Manitoba will give a MUCH different result than a 787 over London.

- Any mods that you use

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