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Thrustmaster TCA controls for general aviation

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I have the Thrustmaster TCA Captains pack with the addons.

I have been trying to get the spoilers lever to work as the prop lever in small single engine planes.

The keyboard for prop increase is CTRL + F3, prop decrease is CTRL + F2

When I move the spoiler lever in the ThrustMaster control panel, it moves what is called R-axis-Z.


In the msfs 2020 / options / controls, I just get a blank trying to see how to combine those two things to get the propeller pitch to work from the ThustMaster spoiler lever.


I emailed thrustmasters , hoping they could help, but have not got a reply.

Any suggestions ? Thanks

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I have the Thrustmaster T16000M and am using the throttle slider on it as the prop pitch control. In order to do that you need to set your slider/lever to operate the Propeller Axis, not the Increase/Decrease Pitch selections..


Thanks for the reply. I tried what you suggested, but it only got more confusing. If I was trying to change something on the flightstick that came with the captains pack, it would have been easier as the flightstick comes up on the MSFS control option with every button having a number, you can just assign something to that number.

The spoiler lever I'm trying to change to the propeller pitch lever does not show up on the MSFS control page. The throttle quadrant shows up, but not the two addons that are extra, they include the spoiler lever, landing gear lever, parking brake and flap lever.

This whole setup is for the Airbus cockpit but says it can be set up for small planes,

I did get a reply from Thrustmaster and they're response was "Yes it can be done, ask at the flightsim forums for how-to do it"


It might take a reply from someone who has actually done what I would like to do with a step by step answer to how to do it. I just might end up taking the throttle assembly out and replacing it with the Logitech throttle that comes with the throttle, prop control and mixture levers, it is plug and play.

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