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Can't find the Community map for Microsoft flightsimulator 2020.

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Hi guys

I am using the Xbox app in Windows 10 for Microsoft Flightsimulator.

I used it for Flight Sim 2020 without any problem. But now I decided to speed up the loading time by a new installation on a SSD hd alone for MSFS 2020.

Now I notised that the map for Community and Official has gone to some hidden place. Flightsim works well, even the upgrade to the 40 years celebration wich was impressive.


I do not dare to look for it since I am afraid to damage the installation wich is on 250 Gb after the upgrade.


Hopefully you have the skill to help me out with a clear guidance where to find the Community folder.


It happend after I made a new installation to a SDD drive. Could not find the drive until I made a format to NTSC standard before I made the MSFS installation.


I do hope for some help in this matter. By the way, I am living in Sweden and have the OS for a Swedish version.



Thank you in advance.

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