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Capable for FS2004?


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I am considering a new(?) computer for a standby system with a virgin copy of FS2004 installed...Would this system run FS2004 at a semi-reasonable rate? Not looking for all bells and whistles of FS2004 or max graphics...Mainly a platform to experiment with...Thanks for any opinions/advice...


Refurbished: DELL Optiplex 755 Small PC - Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz - 4GB RAM - 500GB Hard Drive - DVD - Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit - OEM



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While I think you would be OK I also think that there are tons of refurbs and off-leases out there that would have a faster CPU for the same money. Unless that one is free. :D


Take a look here- http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/campaigns/deals.asp?campaignid=2686



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I just up graded to a new PC and I found the machine on Craigs List. I saw the guy had several PCs listed for sale. It turned that the guy was running his small PC shop out of this home. When I called and asked about the PC, that one had already sold. But the guy built me an even better one for about the same money.


For $425

Windows 7

8 gig ram

NVIDIA GTX 760 graphics card

1 TB hard drive

111 GB Solid State Hard Drive

750 watt power supply


It runs FS2004 full out on every thing.


Check Craigs list ... for the best deal.

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