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Airbus A380 Lufthansa-- when did they first fly to San Francisco?

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One of those trivia questions I was hoping somebody could help me with:


I was watching a Smithsonian TV special on the Airbus A380 and its first flight from Frankfurt to San Francisco, for Lufthansa airlines.


My question is, what year was that? On the TV show, there is a calendar in the background of the ground ops office in SFO that says 2011, and another close up of a ground person's paperwork, shows a date of 2011 on it. So I'm thinking it must have been 2011. (common sense would suggest that... right?)


But then I distinctly remember a huge announcement that Lufthansa would begin regular service to San Francisco with its A380's in July 2012. Well if regular service to SFO didn't start till July 2012, how was it that the TV documentary would have captured a flight of a Lufthansa A380 coming into SFO in 2011? Or was that an experimental flight, and it would take another year for the airport and the airline to set it up as a permanent thing?




-- John


EDIT/INCLUSION: Well, upon further research, I guess Lufthansa really did launch regular A380 service to SFO on May 10, 2011. So apparently all the clues I saw on the TV show (the calendar and the notes on the worker's clipboard) were correct. Now I'm wondering where I got July 2012 from? Was I thinking of another airline? Was I thinking of the launch of 787 or 747-8 service? I hate it when the memory goes.

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The first Lufthansa scheduled A380 passenger flight was on 10th May 2011 from Frankfurt to San Francisco & the first Lufthansa scheduled Boeing 747-8i passenger flight was on the 1st June 2012 from Frankfurt to Washington Dulles airport.
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