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FTP connection glitch


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I posted about this last week but I posted in the wrong thread. Apparently there was a problem about FTP downloads, something I didn't even know was possible, and didn't read carefully and put my post in that thread.


Anyway, setting up a new computer, I tried to add FlightSim to the list of connections in Filezilla and kept getting messages that no connection could be made. I tried again after a few days and got the same result.


When I highlighted the URL and copied it to paste into Filezilla, Firefox offered to open the link. Curious, I said yes and was welcomed to the home page of the Boston Area MG Club, a great site for aficionados of old British sports cars but totally unrelated to FlightSim.


One might suspect that there are some crossed wires, or whatever the digital equivalent is of crossed wires, at FlightSim's web hosting service.


Maybe if someone at the hosting service could be induced to look into that possibility it would become possible to upload to here via FTP again.

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