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Question about payware scenery, and using its' objects in another scenery


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Good evening,

As I go through and add airport scenery objects to many airports - with EZScenery, I had hoped to use objects from 2 FSDreamteam airports (KORD & KLAX).

I noticed either I can't see them when at another airport while using EZScenery, or, I'll get the message that warns something like "Can only be used in it's own scenery area", hence either KORD or KLAX.

Is there any way around this? Not being dirty, just for my private enjoyment of upgrading airports in the privacy of my own home.

I tried coping BGL files to other scenery directories but that didn't do anything.

If I'm stuck, then end of story. Just wondered if I could "trick without malice" for my own use.


Thanks much,



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The EZ-scenery program can create a list of all so called "library (BGL) files" found during each FS9 startup scan, no matter if such library objects originate from feerware or payware sceneries.


However, there are two main types of such BGL library files:


1. Those which only make the scenery objects concerned visible and which can then be positioned in any geographical position within your FS9, a.i. are Non-Geo locked or non-fixed.


2: Those which make the scenery objects visible, while at the same time locking them into geographical position(s), a.i. are in fact "pre-fixed in position" and can therefore not be used as in 1. Quite some scenery developers purposely use this method as one of their defenses against piracy.


The GeoLock utility can therefore only be successful for unlocking possibly locked scenery objects as in 1. For those mentioned in 2. it remains necessary to disassemble the BGLs concerned into XML code, to seperate the scenery object building up parts and the positioning parts. The final step is to then re-compile both the resulting XML files into separate BGLs. Quite a tedious and lengthy process AND only for PRIVATE use within one's own FS9 !!


Good luck.



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