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AI aircraft with AGS?


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Hi All,


I have a single AI B737, which I found by pure chance some time ago and which has a very simple form of AGS.


I'm now searching for more of these so that I can create different and more AI flight planned apron movement at selected airports/airfields but these very specific AI aircraft remain very difficult to find. Statics with some form of AGS would also be very welcome but that would most probably be asking for too much.


So, can anyone please point me in the driection of any downloadable AI aircraft file names, which have AGS in any form.


Thanks in advance for any trouble taken.

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What is AGS?


Animated Ground Servicing.


To zoah666:

And to answer the original question the only thing I can think of is do a search for "Camil Valiquette" here in the library. He has created a lot of aircraft with AGS and made some AI versions without it but still have the statics.

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