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repainting default fsx airplane


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I would like instructions on how to repaint the default FSXSE aircraft. I tried the do the piper cub j3 but it won't show up in free flight.



title=Piper Cub Paint3








atc_id=Luke 1



ui_type="J-3 Cub"

ui_variation="Barn Stormer"

ui_typerole="Single Engine Prop"

ui_createdby="Microsoft Corporation and Royal Green"

description="The simple, inexpensive Piper J-3 Cub lifted a generation of pilots into the skies for the first time. Introduced in 1938, the Piper Cub made learning to fly accessible to many more people. One estimate states that 75 percent of American aviators in World War II learned to fly in the Cub. Flying low and slow with its doors open, the Piper Cub revives the roots of aviation."


This didn't work.


What would like to do is just add text to a mission plane.

you know the one you barnstorm in, but I was trying it this way first.

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when painting I stick a new thumbnail.jpg in the "texture.XXX" folder I'm working on.


Something that stands out. For example a full pink rectangle image.


Simple trick to make certain you select the correct aircraft from the "Choose Aircraft" list in Fsx.

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I tried again and it still won't work. I think it's just me so I downloaded a paint kit for a CRJ 900 v3 and made the ugliest paint you ever saw and now IDK how to apply it to my plane...i think just add the texture in with the other textures and copy the .cfg to make my .cfg file. :confused:


P.s I didn't try the thumbnail trick yet.

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have you ever installed an addon texture?

If not, start there.

It will give you a good idea of where texture files need to go. And of how to edit the aircraft.cfg correctly.


Find a texture for the default 737 for example and install it. Loads of textures for it in the file library.


Read the Readme.txt instruction file in the download before installing.

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btw, Your plane was probably already in he list.


When there is no thunbnail file Fsx WILL show the aircraft in the list. It shows a grey standard image.

(grey plane with a questionmark on it.)


The pink thumbnail is just a good way to spot it.



Especially handy if you copy a texture, rename the texture folder, and add a texture section to the aircraft.cfg file. To then edit the copy.


With both installed and copied that way the original and the copy would have the same thumbnail file. Confusing.

Better to put in the new thumbnail file before editing.


anyway, well done!

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Saving from GIMP needs to be done correctly.


Also the correct alpha needs to be in the file.


When finished in GIMP

Anchor all layers.

Then save (export) the file from GIMP as 24 bit bitmap.


Copy the original .dds file to the same folder.


Open the copy of the .dds in DXTBMP.

You will see the image and the alpha.


Click: Image--Import New Image.

Select your edited 24-bit bitmap .bmp file.

Your new image will show in Dxtbmp.

The original alpha will still be there too.


Click 'Save' to save the Image and Alpha as .dds from DxtBmp.


I don't think you need to click 'save as'. It should automatically be the correct type, with the correct dxt version.

(The same type that the .dds file was when you opened it.)

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