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Aeroflot a replica of its former self

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“It’s going to be like the Aeroflot of old – operating Russian equipment that require a much larger spares inventory.”




MC-21s, Sukhoi Superjet SSJ-New and Tupolev Tu-214s to replace Airbus and Boeing planes as Russia's biggest airline plans its uncertain future.


Like in Cold War times, Russia's airlines may need more spare parts, more maintenance, and burn more fuel with their Russian-built aircraft- if, if they can get the new planes built.




I often flew on Aeroflot planes when traveling to Armenia in years past, once on a speedy TU-154 that was quite an experience. The 3 Kuznetsov engines made a delightful whistle unlike other jets. The pilot told me we reached Mach .88 on the Moscow-to-Yerevan route, and the ride was smooth as glass flying over the Caucasus.


Surprising but true - Aeroflot always had the very best food service of any of the airlines that I knew. Not kidding, the food served was wonderful. Worst thing was the Russian airports, like Moscow's Sheremyetevo airport: "The upside down ashtray", we called it.

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