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Virtavia C-17 Auto Throttle not engaging


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Hello All,


I have flown the Virtavia C-17 at least 15 years, and never had one issue with it.


Now, I had to take my tower in because I thought it was having issues with the display. Turns out, the monitor and speakers went bad. The Tech I brought it in to said he couldnot find any issues. He did do a defrag on it, and that's when all the issues began. Thusly, I had to purchase a new monitor, and speaker system and that cleared up the problems with the display and sound.


The Defrag caused MANY issues with installed programs, and I spent hours fixing them. The last issue is the Auto-Throttle stopped working, As i said, I NEVER, EVER had one isue with the Virtavia C-17.


I switched from FSX to FSX-SE. I actaully like it.


System is as follows:



Intel core i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40 GHz




64 bit OS






Yes, it's a very old system, and i will upgrade very soon. I want to use MSFS, and my sytem won't run it.

Any help you can give me will be of GREAT value, and I will appreciate it.


Thank-you in Afvance.


Dennis L Stanek

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