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Atlas air b747-8f....


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Started today!:p Not sure this has been done yet!?

Its been aaaaages since I last painted anything...and its been aaaages since I've uploaded anything too...:o have a bunch of models here, too, mostly classics, the new fs enthusiasts dont like these, I'm sure...;)...but I felt this urge to paint a new model, this B747-8 is quite something!

One question though, does anybody know the exact Atlas Air blue tone!? It looks too dark to me...:(

engines will be done so not to worry fellas.




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If I can't find the RGB numbers for a specific color, I will look around the company's site for logo information or a banner with solid colors (as opposed to gradients) and copy the image into my editor and use the eyedropper tool to grab the exact color.


https://www.atlasair .com/holdings/images/media-center/atlasairlogo2-color.jpg

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Thank you, thats the logo I found too....but looking at the amazing inflight pictures of this bird, the blue does look brighter, not so dark...

Mmmhh....Ill try a different approach. Thank you for your prompt reply as well, appreciated, RC ;-)

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