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AIFP and heliports


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HI all


I read somewhere that if you wanted to create an ai flight plan in AIFP that has an ai aircraft taking off from airport A, going to point B and then returning to airport A, without landing at point B, then you have to make a heliport at point B.


I did this using ADE and compiled it correctly and placed the .bgl file into an active scenery folder. then ran fsx and shut it down again to ensure it was there. I then began to use AIFP and collected my airport DATA in my active scenery folder it ignores the heliport. all other airports are there bar my heliport.


How can I get AIFP to recognise my new heliport. I've even tried placing a parking area over it to no avail.


Don't get me wrong I have used AIFP personnaly to a great extent and so far everything worked. This however has me stumped. Is what I read correct or is it done another way. I want this fp to represent an RAF jet flight just out for a jolly kind of thing.


Thanks people in advance.

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I've added waypoints using ADE, I go on 'collect airports' and go through the procedure of ticking the boxes of the new airport/waypoint and save, after I select ADE it is in the list, having said that there have been times I had to do it again as it didn't show first time.



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