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Wheel Stand Pro S Deluxe V-2

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I run the sim from my desktop PC. That means every time I want to use all the gear - not just a joystick - the yoke , throttle quadrant and trim wheel each have to be clamped to the desk, the rudder pedals slid over etc. While not back-breaking labor it is a minor nuisance. So off I went to Amazon and picked up this stand for all the gear.




It is an EXTREMELY robust bit of hardware and fit my Logitech gear perfectly. For my rudder pedals I had to use stout zip-ties rather than the supplied metal cross bars, but they are now attached quite firmly. I don't have a panel...yet - lol... but they included a beefy support bar and hardware should I ever get one.



"Don't believe everything you see on the internet." - Abe Lincoln HP Pavilion Desktop i5-8400@2.8ghz, 16gb RAM, 1TB M.2 SSD, GTX1650 4GB, 300 MBPS internet, 31.5" curved monitor, Logitech yoke-throttle, Flt Vel trim wheel, TFRP rudder pedals, G/M IR headset, Extreme 3D Pro joystick, Wheel Stand Pro S Dlx

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