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Going missed and around in the King Air at KSJC


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For reasons I don't understand, the ILS approach to RWY 30L didn't work for me in the twin-engine Beech King Air I was "flying." So I disengaged the autopilot, "went missed," flew around, and landed, all by hand. The King Air is a beast of an airplane and difficult to slow down even with the engines idling -- in Microsoft Flight Simulator at any rate. At one point I raised the nose to quickly shed airspeed. It's a technique that's called "mushing," and I used it to slow the plane to a safe speed range so I could lower the landing gear and extend the flaps.


HP Omen 25L Desktop, Intel i7-1070 CPU, 32 GB DDR RAM, Nvidia 3070 GPU, 1 TB SSD, Logitech flight yoke, throttle quadrant, rudder pedals, multi-panel, radio panel, TrackIR 5
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