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“Take Offs and Landings� 57x per hour?!

Joop Kruize

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I wondered how long it would take me for one run between a take-off and a landing with all the wheels on the ground.


Pilot Dirk Evers flew on May 3, 2022 in his Pitts at Oostwold, a smal airfield in the Netherlands, an official world record, the most Take Offs and Landings in one hour, 57 times of the 59 landings turned out to be valid. The old record was from Steven Chase, on an airfield in Broomfield, Colorado, USA who went 15 times up and down in one hour, on May 16, 2020. The rules are: The number of take-offs and landings with all three wheels on the ground, in one hour and climbing to a height of 1000 ft. (Weather and wind can help). So the record went from 4 min. to 1:05 min. or 65 seconds average, between a start and landing. That is fast. :cool:



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At the airport of Eelde (Netherlands) runway 23, I flew some runs with Piper, Cessna, Beech and some others. I put the entire run on film (XBx). The time in seconds. T1= 0 = Start on runway 23, T2 = 3rd wheel off, T3 = take-off, T4 = at 1000 ft., T5 = 1st Touchdown, T6 = 3rd wheel and T7 = Stop = Standstill. The time between T6 and T2 is important to compare it with the Dirk Evers record of 65 seconds. An other rule is that I stay neatly between the lines of the runway during take-off and landing. After take-off I had to go immediately in a left turn off ~170 dg., then to 1000 ft. and then left down. The weather was set to windless, cloudless, average summery, 20 degrees, the time ~12 at noon.

Which airplane wil be the fastest depends on many factors of plane and pilot.


This were the results of my first attempts;

Date flight Airplane . T2 T3 T4^ T5 T6 T7 T6-T2 Notes.

30-07-2022 Spitfire Mk 10 23 48 168 175 188 165 9e at. / Tailwheel

30-07-2022 Extra300 …….11 24 68 174 186 194 175 1e at. / Tailwheel

31-07-2022 Mooney Br. .38 39 97 213 217 236 179 1e at. / App.Ap.

04-08-2022 Pitts Spec…. 4 11 35 240 262 280 258 7e at. / Tailwheel


The Pitts will be faster than the Spit. It’s the driver's handicap to handle it as it should be.



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