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Setting a NAV1 frequency?


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It means that, using your navigation radio, NAV1 (for VOR/ILS) you set the frequency to 111.10, then the gates will open. If you have trouble figuring out the radios, perhaps the tutorials/lessons that come with FS will help.


Larry N.

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Dialing in the NAV1 frequency is a simple, I've attached some screenshots in the default 744, although the process is basically the same for all aircraft.


Firstly, bring up the radio stack.



Put the frequency you want in the STBY frequency. Then hit the circled button to make it active.


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Pop open the radio panel (shift + 2).

Change the setting on Nav1 standby to the correct frequency, by clicking on the numbers.

Then click on the small button between 'standby' and 'active' to make it the active frequency.



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2 more methods, both of which I use extensively, although they take a teensy bit of panel editing.

1) Look up Cockpit Commander in the library and add it to your panel, either in the main panel, or as a pop-up. it permits the entry of a number of things directly, such as Nav1 or the Heading for the autopilot, etc etc. Wonderful little tool to have.


2) for just the radios alone, look up the ComGold Radio stack, also in the library. Very nice, modern and super easy to use, with it's own number pad for adding frequencies to any of the radios or the transponder.


Bear in mind, neither of these is "accurate" as far as a realistic cockpit goes, they are just super handy tools to have at one's disposal.

Hope that helps a little bit.



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