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Monitor Ideas for New GPU and MSFS

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Hello all,


I am currently running P3D V5 on 3 x 24" monitors (1920 x 1080) with an NVIDIA Titan XP. I am going to upgrade to a RTX 3080 TI and convert to MSFS, but I am not sure what I want to do with monitors. I love the immersion that my current 3 monitor setup gives me, I'm just not sure how to achieve it within the limitations of MSFS. In a perfect world, I'd be able to run MSFS in one window stretched across 3 x 1440p monitors, I'm just not sure if I can do that.


I currently use my three monitors as one wide aspect monitor. I run P3D in one window stretched across all three monitors giving me a very wide aspect ratio. I like this because it feels very immersive with the entire virtual cockpit visible with very little panning required to look side to side. Will MSFS run this way - basically in a very wide aspect ratio across three monitors? I know sim update 10 has beta support for multi-monitors, but it sounds like you need run three separate windows to do it. I'm guessing this has a performance hit.


If MSFS can't do multi-monitors the way I want, should I suck it up and go to a bigger single monitor set up, or should I stay with P3D until MSFS can do a wide aspect across three monitors?


If I go with a single monitor setup for my sim, what size monitor should I get based on the RTX3080 TI? I've decided against 4K because I think 1440 will provide a better balance of looks and performance. I use the Volair Sim chasse. My eyepoint is roughly 40 inches from the monitors. Will 1440 monitors make the sim look smaller or change the look of the display size?


Thanks in advance. I'm sure any answers I get will generate more questions,




Win 10-64, i7 8700K OC to 5.1GHz

GTX Titan XP

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I am running a 27 inch 1440p curved monitor and I upgraded from a 1920X1200 24 inch flat (odd size). I am very happy with MSFS at 1440p on this monitor.

I think a version of MSFS that supports some 3 monitor capability is currently in beta testing and some speculate it may be released in the next update.

An alternative, is to use something similar to this:


I have not tried this setup, but I think I have seen others post that it works fine in ultra wide 1440p?

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