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Something old, but new to my collection.

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After spending some time with the Boeing KC 135, I wanted to find a Boeing 707, which the KC135 is derived from (I think?)

This is a big aircraft, but it does fly as well as the KC135.




I keep telling myself, "AW, one more added to the herd won't hurt anything! BUT, at some point, I got to STOP!:rolleyes:


Rick :cool:

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Great shot of the 707!

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Very nice Rick. The 707 is one of my favorites. Was the granddaddy of all modern swept wing airliners (and the KC-135).


I agree with Bill!


One of the other things I loved about the 707 was the size of the seats. Even in the back you had a wider seat and a big console between the seats that was probably bigger than a typical 1st Class Seat on anything flying today. And certainly more room than on any single aisle 1st Class plane seat I've ever flown in.


And yes, that's a great in air shot as well!



Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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Actually the 707 was derived from the KC-135. In fact the USAF won a court case and financial awards for the R&D / prototype design funding they paid into the KC-135 development program


Interesting! I never heard that before. But it does make sense.

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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