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How do you create a screenshot on FSX. Amazingly still running windows 7

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Do you currently have a Microsoft Paint program on your Windows 7 platform? It's fairly simple once you do a couple of them. Paint is used to process/modify/store your pics. I say, modify, that just means your are going to be reducing the size of the pics to make them compatible with this site and others when sharing your pics with others!


Once I know you have paint or similiar, I can then give you the basics steps.


Oh and when you say Amazingly still running Windows 7, I too am running Windows 7 and will be to the day I have to upgrade. Works fine for me!




This shot was created on Windows 7 and Paint!!



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Hi Jörgen,

or on some keyboerds:



saves the screenshot only to clipboard. (I think... but pretty sure really.)


To save it you would then also have to paste it in a program like paint for example. (Into a blank image of the correct size.)

Not convenient while flying.


I'm not near a PC, so cant check it now, sorry.

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On my Windows 10 the screenshots goes to \Pictures\Screenshots by default, Windows 7 should be the same, but since I have never run 7, only 8, 8.1 and 10 I cannot be sure.


And if you are a MS Paint user, you should try out Irfanview. IMNSHO Irfanview runs rings around Paint, and at least the price is right.



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Ditto regards Irfanview i use it for everything to do with photo editing!

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