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Kodiak goes wonky on me

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I recently encountered problems with the Kodiak 100. First, the sound was all wrong after I started the engine. It sounded like a gale-force wind was blowing through the cockpit. No windows were open, by the way. :D Secondly, the gauge section on the MFD display showed the engine RPMs in the red zone, even though my Logitech throttle was set to idle. I couldn't change this no matter how I moved the "black" and "blue" throttle levers. Finally, I couldn't take off after taxiing to the runway. Pushing the throttle lever all the way forward had no effect on the speed of the plane, which just continued taxiing down the runway. After escaping out of that flight, I switched to a Beech G36 and took off (from Florence for Pisa) with no problems. So the above issues, which I'd never encountered before, seemed to be specific to the Kodiak. Has anyone else flying the Kodiak run into this?
HP Omen 25L Desktop, Intel i7-1070 CPU, 32 GB DDR RAM, Nvidia 3070 GPU, 1 TB SSD, Logitech flight yoke, throttle quadrant, rudder pedals, multi-panel, radio panel, TrackIR 5
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