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Hello folks

I have FSX Steam and fly mainly one aircraft, an add-on (FS2004) Bell-Boeing V22 Mach 1 (I like getting to places reletively fast)

However, this aircraft has blank outside views. I just see the scenery all around me.

Is there any way that I can add, for example, the edges of the panel when my joystick hat switch is pushed forward right and forward left?



Many thanks

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Hi. the fact that you are using a FS2004 model in FSX may be the issue....


Whilst SOME FS2004 aircraft will work perfectly in FSX they are in the minority...even more so if the FS3004 model has been ported from a FS2002 model which can often be the case....


If you are looking for a FSX native V22 here are some options...


Freeware - Model by Maryadi - it can be downloaded from HERE - note the download link is located at the right of the page under the file info area....also note that you don't need to register to download from the site but the download speed will be restricted...


NOTE OF CAUTION - The description says it is for FSX with the Acceleration add on pack (also known as FSX Gold) and P3D - if you are not aware the SE- version of FSX is actually a digital repackaging of FSX Gold with a few small tweaks already made to the config file that would need to added manually if the DVD edition was used....


It also states that it has an auto-installer - this auto installer MAY NOT work correctly with SE as the folder structure is slightly different but you should be able to point it to the correct location....


Additional repaints for the model can be found here on Flightsim - use the authors name to search for them...


Payware - Virtavia model - available at a number of on-line selling site but here is one LINK to give the product info...


The link is for the SE dedicated version and of course you could also get the info for (but not buy it) on the Virtavia website....


There are also plenty of repaints available for it (more than the freeware model highlighted) here on Flightsim...


I have not used the freeware version I have highlighted but have used the Virtavia version - it does the job I want, the model isn't to bad and it can be greatly enhanced by the use of a dedicated replacement panel/gauge package - RCBvca40.zip by Rob Barendregt which can be found here on Flightsim...




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However, this aircraft has blank outside views. I just see the scenery all around me.

The FS2004 feature of adding a bitmap as foreground to outside views was discarded in FSX.

In stead, the virtual cockpit is shown when using the hat switch.

Your Osprey most likely doesn't have a VC.



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Hello Brian

Thank you so much for your reply.

I never even saw this version during my searches, but maybe that is because I only put V-22 instead of V-22B into the search box!!


I will now make this V-22B into a Mach 1 version. I know how to do this.

Many thanks once again


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Yo Brian, I also have the Maryadi MV-22B_Osprey insalled in FSX SE and it is excellent. Although it is freeware I sent Maryadi $40 as a thank you for all the superb work that went into it - it's better than a lot of the payware aircraft I've purchased over the years. It has a very cool startup procedure, fly's great and the vortex ring state is modeled very nicely. I highly recommend it. I would also recommend NaturalPoint TrackIR if you don't already have it - it connects your head movements to what you see on the monitor. Best wishes, Max
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