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FSX weather engine for multiple weather themes?


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Does anyone know of a good fsx weather engine that has the function of choosing specific and different weather themes for a flight? For example, choosing a "fair weather" theme (a set of weather conditions regarding clouds, winds, visability etc determined by the engine) for the departure airport and a "thunderstorm" theme for the destination airport.


And a good quality engine will smooth weather transitions during the flight.


I have researched a number of the main weather engines and cannot find this functionality. For example, the REX options seem to be real-world weather, global weather or random weather.


Freeware or payware options.


Thank you!

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"Active Sky Next. Manual weather."


Yup. You cannot load "Themes" but you can fairly easily pick cloud types (including TS) from option lists per airport and choose the distance coverage which you cannot do in the default FSX weather. Smoothing is what ASN does best. You can save all the changes you make as a global world weather and load it any time you want.



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