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Fly Delta Jets

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A passing heavy rain shower momentarily blots out the view of the iconic "Fly Delta Jets" sign at Atlanta International Airport as a Delta A321 taxis past in todays real world rainy weather at KATL.









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Great shots of your Airbus in the foul weather at Atlanta Bill. :cool: :cool: We'll catch a more readable "fly Delta Jets" sign on another day. :D


Thanks Larry - here's a better view. If I had a dollar for every time I've had to look at this sign while sitting on a Delta airplane on the taxiway in KATL just after the captain had made an annoucement something along the lines of "Well folks, we're number 20 for departure" I'd be rich!! :D:D



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That does show better. Makes you wonder why they had to specify "Jets" unless it was put there when there were still propliners around.

I've only flown out of Atlanta about a dozen times. I spent a lot of my time doing the Dulles-Dallas-Albuquerque run and reverse on American. :)


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