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RTW Retro Flight #132 Havana to Caracas . . . . 1960

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LAV (Línea Aeropostal Venezolana) flight 251 is a Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation on a flight from Havana, Cuba to Caracas, Venezuela (MUHA - SVMI). We have 4,500 gallons of fuel on board for the 1,154 nm, flight. There will be light cloud cover for much of the flight and possible thunderstorms in the vicinity of Caracas. Our cruising altitude will be 17,000 feet.


Thanks to:

Aircraft: Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation. Aircraft model and original textures by Manfred Jahn and team

L-1049. The 1957LAV livery is by Frank Gonzalez.

Propliner AI Traffic: CalClassic & FS Aviator - Tom Gibson, Mike Stevens, Jason Krogmann, Manuel Jagmann, Bill Towers, Nikko Yaginuma, Richard Wright, Frederick Coleman, Dave Jones, Paul Haak, Marty Lochmiller, Ake Lindberg, Harland Sandberg, Richard Wright and Gary Harper. At www.calclassic.com

Scenery and Add-ons: MS FS2004 v9.1, MS Windows 7 Pro and:

- Havana Airport scenery is by Mike Stevens and Tom Gibson. At www.calclassic.com

- Caracas Airport scenery is by Julius Czarnecki At www.calclassic.com

- The 1960 LAV timetable is from www.timetableimages.com

- Rwy12 and EZ Static Object and Scenery Libraries. At www.flightsim.com

- FS2004 Classic Scenery Libraries File 1 v4a & File 2 v2 by Wolfgang Gersch. At www.flightsim.com

- REX FS9 w/Overdrive & SP5.

- Flight One Ground Environment Pro II

- FS Genesis Western Hemisphere South, UT USA and Luminar 4.


Click to Enlarge . . . .


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_01.jpg


1. LAV timetable effective April, 1960.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_02.jpg


2. Flight plan filed and boarding passengers.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_03.jpg


3. Cockpit checks completed and starting number one.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_04.jpg


4. Taxiing to runway 6 for departure.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_05.jpg


5. Takeoff and stowing the gear.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_06.jpg


6. Climbing through 6,000 feet with the Gulf of Batabano ahead.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_07.jpg


7. We have switched to high blowers and are climbing through 12,000 feet.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_08.jpg


8. Continuing our climb through 15,000 feet.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_09.jpg


9. We have been cruising at our assigned 17,000 feet for a while and are about 170 NM from Havana.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_10.jpg


10. We are 400 NM from Havana and about 30 NM from Ocho Rios, Jamaica off to our right.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_11.jpg


11. Now at the halfway point of our flight with Haiti about 90 NM off to our left.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_12.jpg


12. With a ship below we are 400 NM from Caracas as the daylight begins to fade.



More in the reply . . . .

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Click to Enlarge . . . .


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_13.jpg

13. Aruba is about 50 NM ahead as dusk approaches.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_14.jpg

14. Continuing on we are halfway between the islands of Aruba and Curacao.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_15.jpg

15. Now 120 NM from Caracas as the sun sinks lower.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_16.jpg

16. Eighty NM from Caracas we get reports of scattered thunderstorms in the Caracas area.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_17.jpg

17. A last look at the setting sun.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_18.jpg

18. We are about 50 miles from the airport and still in contact with Caracas control.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_19.jpg

19. Passing 12,000 feet we experience some turbulence and lightning. We have been assigned runway 26 at Caracas Maiquetia.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_20.jpg

20. Descending through 3,000 feet with light rain and more lightning. The gear is down and flaps 80 as we line up our approach.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_21.jpg

21. Less than 3 NM out on short final with flaps full.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_22.jpg

22. Touchdown.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_23.jpg

23. Rollout completed we turn off the runway and begin taxiing to parking.


Lockheed L-1049G_LAV_24.jpg

24. Parked at the terminal and passengers disembarked. Thanks for flying LAV, (Línea Aeropostal Venezolana).


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