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First ever commute to work in flying car

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Actually, I suspect the first "commute" was much earlier in a Molt Taylor Aerocar:






Here's Robert Cummings with his Aerocar, which he also used in his TV show:



I think it likely that either Molt or Robert would have commuted way back then.


However, the link probably does show "the first-ever eVTOL commute." But with only 20 minutes of flying time, it's not very practical, and they didn't say how long it takes to recharge.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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20 minutes at 63 MPH?: All for 83 grand? If anyone lives that close to work, get a really hot-looking car for those $$$...


Looks like the perfect case of the `not yet ready` if you ask me. I wouldn't buy any car that was restricted to 63 mph, much less one with only a 20 minute range. And my motorcycle banks INTO corners, and beats most traffic too!

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