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FS: Brunner Yoke, V3rnio Throttle Quadrant, and Ruddo+ Rudder Pedals


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I bought these items in 2019 as part of my short-lived flight simulator setup. I didn't get to spend much time with the setup and ended up losing interest and dismantling it. They've been sitting in a closet for the last two years so I decided to try and sell them. I'm asking about 1/2 of what the new price is for each, which I think is a fair price.



Brunner CLS-E Force-Feedback Yoke, $900. Note that this yoke came from the factory with a very small indentation at the left rear on the top. It had taken a while to get it and it was very minor so I just decided to live with it.


Virtual Fly V3rnio Throttle Quadrant: $450


Virtual Fly Ruddo+ Rudder Pedals: $450


For additional information, email me at reisender1990@yahoo.com.


Item 004-a.jpgItem 004-b.jpgItem 003-a.jpgItem 003-b.jpgItem 002-a.jpgItem 002-b.jpgItem 002-c.jpg

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