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Couple nights ago I was watching air traffic on the ever so popular ADS-B Exchange website at 3AM. Mostly due to hearing every now and then a prop over head at that hour and wondering just who would be flying at that time? (It was a med Evac King air something or other). Well, I also saw a fair amount of Med Evac aerial screws as well. In particular, a couple that made a hop to KFNL for fuel and back to the hospital and whatnot. When I saw the second helicopter lift off from the hospital there was a TIS-B position indicator that showed up on the ADS-B Exchange map probably near the pad or thereabouts.


Question: Wikipedia indicates this is data FROM a facility? Or am I just seeing communications to and from the other helicopter that just landed on the roof pad to aid in any TCAS type stuff? If TIS-B was emanating from the pad somewhere or at the hospital that would be the first I ever knew they had something like that and is very interesting. I have the felling the TIS-B position wasn't accurate or the "box" for this signal hardware is near there somewhere.

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