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Changing textures causes CTD...why?


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I have VOZ in fs9 and have recently tried swapping out some textures from other sources, EVO, GePro etc to match some areas in Australia a little better to what I see in real life.

For the most part this works ok. But when flying in some areas, this causes a CTD. Or a CTD when starting at that particular region or airport. If I put back the original textures, its fine.


So my question. Why does it CTD? VOZ of course has a lot of LC, airports and whatever else to enhance the Australian scenery. So I know some things could clash. But what I dont understand is, I'm not renaming anything, not messing with LC, I'm just replacing for instance texture #5B and all the seasons under that range. Its still the same numbering and name. Just a different looking texture.


Why would that cause a CTD? Just curious.

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