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Full Motion Simulator For Sale - PROJECT


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We are selling a Fidelity Flight Simulations Model MOTUS-600 full motion flight sim that is configured for a Cessna 208 Caravan. The unit is currently not working and is need of both hardware and software upgrades, but the cockpit instrumentation and the motion base all work great. This would make a great project, and could be re-certified as an FAA approved training device if desired. New versions cost in excess of $1M, so this is a great chance to grab some good bones to make into an awesome home sim or certified device!


Also comes with Garmin G1000 sim (separate unit) which is only 1 of 8 ever produced as actual G1000 units converted to training devices. The G1000 unit works, but could easily be integrated into the full motion sim or left separate with some upgraded graphics.


Not great with the forum, but additional photos and specs can be emailed upon request.


Caravan Simulator 2019 - WA - 2 (small).JPG

Sim - External.JPG

G1000 - R.jpg

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