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747 200 ready for pushback take off calculator and ffrats

Captain Andy Poppens

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I use them both, but I cannot give you any more detailed instructions than what is contained in the manual.


Suggest you reread it and report back exactly what the problem is.


What is your t/o weight ? What N1/EPR are the engines producing when you stall. What is your speed/altitude when you stall.

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about 156 knots and i don't what climb speed to set and 98921 is my takeoff weight


98921 cannot be correct. The dry empty weight of the 742 is 164,000 kg/361,000 lbs


You climb out at V2+20 knots until acceleration height (1000-3000 feet) then you lower the nose and allow the aircraft to accelerate to 250 knots or minimum flaps up speed if higher. Above 10,000 feet lower the nose and accelerate to 310 knots.


At 1500 feet you should change from t/o thrust to climb thrust, are you doing that ?

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