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1932 Bendix Trophy - Transcontinental racing flight Event

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To celebrate the release of the Gee Bee R2 in MSFS, the Virtual Air Racing Associationis organizing its first transcontinental event to relive the 1932 Bednix Trophy between Burbank (KBUR) and Cleveland (KCLE)! :)


This is a 2042 mile race for fun, in the footsteps of Gee Bee R2 and Lee Gehlbach, with a minimum of two mandatory stops (KAMA and KTIP) and who can be completed in multiple sessions between the april 30th and the May 14th.


The event can be done with any aircraft with one or more piston engines, but don’t hesitate to join our server to find out more about the organization :D !


VARA Discord serveur : https://discord.gg/RGRaXuKMzs


See you soon in flight ! :pilot::o

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