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First Cockpit build


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My first post, but I've been lurking on these forums for a while, gathering tips on building a cockpit


Primary components are Saitek, plus two older ipads (mini for the garmin, regular for the gauges)

I have this built upon a racing sim stand which lets me fold it up and store it when I'm not flying.


I'm probably going to replace the ipad gauges with a usb monitor that I can permanently mount.





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Great photos and setup you have.

Yes I think that you should use your monitors for gauges. It's first time I see 2 rows of monitors (6 monitors). It's nice to see how big scenery is. But I suggest you go with a video projector so you won't see monitor bezels and use these monitors to build your MIP gauge panel and for Left/Right external views (side windows views).

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