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FSX Steam Flight Planning Crash

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Hi all,


Just 'upgraded' to FSX Steam edition and having an issue with the default flight planning. I usually do some flight planning when selecting my aircraft etc. but after I've selected departure and arrival airports, set the route and saved it, when I click 'ok' and it returns to the free-flight screen, FSX freezes and then will crash-to-desktop. Is anyone else having this issue? I've tried it with different airports etc. to no avail.


Funnily enough, if I start the flight and do the flight planning once everything has loaded (from the file menu), it works as per normal. So while I can get around the problem, I'd rather try and fix the problem as I'm sure it'll probably create another problem down the track.


I'm running Windows 7 with the only addons being A2A C172, Orbx Aus SP4 and FSINN.


Cheers for any suggestions,



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