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atc voices don't work in FSX SE


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blind suggestion:

In Windows:

Start - control panel - hardware and devices - sound - communications tab

select: "Do Nothing"


Thanks for your suggestion. somehow more than 1 set of speakers wqas enabled and when i disabled the extra the atc voices returned.

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Thinking of what may have happened. In fsx is also a sound setting. (menu bar - options - settings - sound)

In there you can assign a device to "Sounds" (for example speakers)

And a second device for "Voice" (for example headphones).

If you select speakers for both "Sound" and "Voice" you will hear ATC and engines through the speakers.

But when you select two different devices you can hear the engines through the speaker and the ATC through the headphones.

If you had it set up with the sounds split in fsx, the sound was maybe coming from the headphone, and just to soft to hear.


I seem to remember there was some issue with splitting the sound. Had to set it up before every flight or something. Not really sure, I use only speakers, or only headphones now.


Happy flights,


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