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FSX: No Flight Controls and Wrong Visual set-up


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I have had to re-install FSX (FSX Gold with Acceleration Pack). Now I have two big problems:


1. I can't assign axes to my flight controls (Saitek Pro with pedals and double throttle quadrants). I can't do it via FSX direct, nor can I do it via FSUIPC (latest version, fully registered, which was working fine before re-install).


2. My 'surround' 3 screen set-up has gone wrong. I have three 23 inch Samsung LCD monitors and had successfully set them up to provide wide-screen immersive viewing of all my aircraft cockpits. Now I get one picture stretched across the 3 screens giving a very 'close up' view of the instrument panel. I have played around with all the resolution settings (previously I successfully used 5760 x 1080) but without success. :confused:


My system details are:

Windows 7 Professional running at 64 bit, with an Intel Core i7-2600k CPU @ 3.40 GHz 3.70GHz

RAM 24.0 GB HDD is a Samsung ATA Drive with 785 GB free of 931 GB

Video Card is nVidia GeForce GTX 590 running 3 Samsung SyncMaster P2370 monitors

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Does windows detect the saitek stuff under start>devices and printers?


If they are not shown their, then install the drivers from the saitek website or CD that came with them.


For the monitors, sounds like you need to add wideviewaspect=true to your FSX.cfg

AMD FX8320 @ 4.4Ghz water cooled - 8GB DDR3 1866Mhz - 2 Geforce 480's 1.5GB each (non-sli) 2Seat SimPit - 8 Monitors - Saitek Gear -
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